Welcome to Success Group of Companies

With the emergence of a fastest growing business hub, Dubai was facing new trading challenges with excessive number of new companies and insufficient facilitation centers to assist these startups.

We, at Success Group, commenced our business operations in January 2016 with the sole idea of guiding these business owners in aligning their legal documents and apply for the right license following the correct procedure.

We wanted to connect governing ministries with right candidates and act as a barrier between them so the new businessmen obtain all legal documents as quick as they can and start making the UAE an economically stronger nation with their brilliant business ideas.


In this age of competition and abundance of options, we majorly rely on our brilliant minds that make Success Group your first choice for all sort of firm registration, hiring and outsourcing needs. We believe in teamwork and ideation rather than sticking with old approaches that are not sufficient to survive into this digital age. Success Group is run by some of the best individuals that work tirelessly to bring new ideas to the table that actually work in your favor. With our super thinkers and dedicated staff, we are ever ready to tackle any challenge with a confidence to solve it using our smart solutions. To put it in other words, you can rely for all your legal and outsourcing needs to our responsible shoulders and plan to target new markets and make more customers.


Over the past decade, we’ve studied the core hiring needs of different companies closely and this has allowed us to present better, cost saving and personalized solutions. Our objectives are to remove the complex hiring process and help companies in reaching the right candidate faster.

We want to act as a strong and trusted bridge between the companies and candidates by paving the smooth, uncomplicated way for both parties.


As an HR and manpower company in Dubai, we are on a mission to provide businesses with solutions that are efficient, customized and cost effective. Every business has varied needs for hiring, managing and utilizing its workforce and we believe that the hiring policies should be different based on their industry and work pattern.

Keeping this in mind, we work closely with the key persons of each company to come up with a dynamic hiring structure so they can hire the best talent that can skyrocket their business success.