As an important ministry of UAE Government, the Dubai Economic Department carries out various functions on national level. From designing trade policies to ensuring their implementation through proper channel, this department plays an important role to shape the business industry of UAE.

The DED keeps a close eye on all sort of activities in Dubai’s business sector and announce different updates in the laws to keep its policies as beneficial for the business class as it can. We, at Success Group, work closely with you to provide various services when it comes to DED and obtaining various trade licenses or making amendments in existing business information.

Here are some of the facilities that we provide in our economic department liaison services in Dubai:

  • Addition/Removal of Trade Partner
  • Trade Name Change
  • Trade Activity Change
  • Legal Form Change

Success Group offers its experience expanded on years and industry knowledge to develop a better understanding of DED and its policies. So, you can make better decisions from time to time and interact with this legal department in right manner for paving the road to success for our business.

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