The Dubai Health Authority works on the vision of achieving higher performance of UAE's medical sector with its innovative and more citizen friendly laws. With the inception of DHA's operations in the region, the medical industry has seen various improvements on production, distribution and advertising grounds.

Plus, this department also regulates laws for obtaining health certificates for your workforce to make sure that your staff includes physically fit individuals. Here are some of the key operations that we perform on your behalf and deal with Dubai Health Authority.

  • Medical Application Typing
  • Medical Test/Transport Facility
  • Medical Application Approval
  • Health Card Acquisition

Success Group has evolved as a reliable name in the PRO and document clearance service industry where you get the perfect solutions for your business. Whether you’re concerned about our staff’s health certificates or require any medical application, submission and approval service, we extend our expertise in this regard and keep your business going.

Leave all health-related matters on our responsible shoulders and design your business success confidently. Dial +971 4 589 7134 now to speak with our company representative and discuss all your business needs in brief today.

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