Tas’heel is a new concept that MOHRE introduced to reduce the challenges of business community. It allows businesses to reduce the usage of paper in their application and utilize the electronic mediums more effectively to submit, update or check the information of their employees.

With this service, now you can save more time by accessing their web portal to perform various tasks with ease. Making business even easier for you, we offer our tas’heel services in Dubai to simply the processes including labor contract application submission, approval and status update.

Here are some of the main services that you can expect from our tas’heel services in Dubai:

  • Labor Contract Application
  • E-Signature Card Issuance
  • Company Labor Card

Success Group exiles in offering various business consultancy services to facilitate your company with its advanced service structure. With our tas’heel services in Dubai, you can easily upload your manpower’s information on MOHRE’s record, update it whenever you want and make amendments from time to time.

Just our representatives know about your business requirements and get instant consultation to further straighten the path of success for your business.

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