Ministry of Interior is the immigration department of UAE that has certain roles for the betterment of UAE residents. If you wish to start your professional career in UAE, you'd want to know about Ministry of Interior and how it can help you in becoming a law abiding citizen.

This department is liable for various official tasks related with visa permits, residency record maintenance and keeping track of each citizen living in the UAE. The Ministry of Interior designs and implements various policies with respect to visa related matters to make visa application process easy, understandable and transparent for every individual. Here are some of the key responsibilities that MOI carries out for you:

  • Approval/Rejection for Entry Permit
  • Residency Cancellation of Expats
  • Residency Verification (New/Renewal)
  • Visit Visa Access

Whether you’re concerned about visa approval of your staff members or want to extend the stay limit of one of the employees, we step forward with our years of experience. We, at Success Group, offer our PRO and documents clearance services in Dubai that include visa application submission and correspondence with all legal authorities on your behalf.

To put it in simple words, you can trust our capabilities to handle all visa and residency related matters as we’ll be dealing with MOI on your behalf.

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